Letter: Haldane Needs Public Involvement

I’m now entering my 15th year of actively participating in the Haldane School District. I am still consistently reminded of the dynamic school community we have but also what it takes to move the district forward in a rapidly changing environment. As I say “incremental progress through a balanced approach with active participation” and, though it may sound fancy, I believe in it. With that said, I’m asking for your help and participation on the gives and takes of crafting public policy. Here are areas you can help us with in the coming months:

  1. Through May, the district will be developing a new Strategic Plan. I was on the committee when we developed the last plan in 2008 and it has been the centerpiece of all major decisions. There will be five subcommittees formulating the new plan and the board is looking for representation throughout our community: parents, individuals without children, newcomers to the community, neighbors whose families have lived here for generations as well as everyone in between. The prerequisite is quite simple: caring about Haldane.
  2. May 19 is the annual Haldane school budget and BOE trustee vote. All elections should reflect the “will of the people” and participation is the only way to guarantee that outcome. This year the BOE elections will generate interest as three seats are eligible and two will be open. Both Jon Champlin and I have announced we won’t be running. As we know, progress doesn’t just happen. It takes leadership and a balanced approach to bring the whole community along. Please consider being part of the solutions at Haldane.

I’ve thrown a lot at you but I know the Haldane community can handle it. Please consider helping us and if you wish to learn more or just want to bounce some ideas around don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] I’ll share my experiences and hopefully get you on board to help.

Joe Curto, President
Haldane Board of Education
Cold Spring

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