Philipstown Little League Highlights

By Dave McCarthy

Yankees 7, Nationals 6

Sherman Williams celebrates the Yankees victory with his mom. (Photo by Cecily Fluke Hall)

Sherman Williams celebrates the Yankees victory with his mom. (Photo by Cecily Fluke Hall)

In a thrilling walk-off game Tuesday, May 5, the Minors Yankees beat the Nationals 7-6. Trajan McCarthy pitched well for the Yankees, striking out nine in three innings’ work while throwing to Ryan Van Tassel, who anchored the defense. Jordan Albertson and Jeremy Hall provided the early lead for the Yankees with a two-run home run over the center-field fence for Jordan and an inside-the-park home run for Jeremy.

It didn’t last long though as William Bradley answered with a three-run home run in the top of the sixth to give the Nationals the lead. But in the bottom of the last inning, the Yankees rallied. Jesse Tippet worked a walk, Sherman Williams and John Kisslinger both singled and Ty Villella hit a double to win the game for the Yankees.

Nationals 9, Giants 0

The Nationals were able to bounce back from Tuesday’s walk-off loss with a dominating win over the Giants the very next night. William Bradley had a night for the ages, pitching a complete-game shutout and hitting a grand slam home run.

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