Haldane Golf Highlights

Playing on their home course, the Haldane Blue Devils fell to the Beacon Bulldogs at the Garrison Golf Club on Wednesday, May 6. Haldane’s record stands at 6-5 overall, 4-5 in the league.

Haldane Blue Devils Beacon Bulldogs
Player Score Player Score
Jacob Cox Tyler Ericson 53
Conor Yankovich 63 Joe Steele
Dom Maglio 52 George Bekh 49
Sam Curto 64 Mark Murphy 50
Eric Rizzi 47 Darab Sulliuan 51
Jason Zielinski 46 Brandon Travis 62
Total 272 Total 265
Haldane's Eric Rizzi tees off against Beacon High School at the Garrison Golf Club on Wednesday, May 6 (Photo by Peter Farrell)

Haldane’s Eric Rizzi tees off against Beacon High School at the Garrison Golf Club on Wednesday, May 6 (Photo by Peter Farrell)

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