Letters: Peggy Clements for Haldane School Board

Writers endorse trustee candidate

The job of a Board of Education member has always been challenging. Today’s board members face more complex issues than ever before. Soon we will go to the polls to vote for three new members for the Haldane School Board, and we feel that you should support Peggy Clements. Here is why.

When considering a candidate for any position, you want someone who is intelligent, committed and has the ability to work with diverse groups with a variety of opinions. This description is the essence of the person that Peggy is. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a senior research scientist at an education research center. This most certainly puts Peggy in a position of being highly qualified.

Peggy has served on the College, Career and Citizenship Readiness Committee at Haldane, showing her commitment to the students of our community. Along with this, Peggy has also served on the Nelsonville Zoning Board of Appeal. Peggy has the unique ability to synthesize diverse opinions and come up with workable solutions to complex problems. As an added bonus, Peggy also works with budgets and knows the importance of effective use of resources. Plainly put, she’s smart, respectful and to top it all off, one of the nicest people we know.

We are confident that Peggy will be an outstanding addition to the Haldane School Board. She will seek to advance the good work that has been done by past members and continue to strengthen an environment where Haldane students have the opportunity to thrive in school and succeed in the world. Please join us in voting for Peggy Clements for the Haldane School Board of Education.

Karen and Richard Shea

That we have Peggy Clements stepping up and running for the Haldane Board of Education is a glimpse of bright light and a nod toward public service being carried out for all the right reasons. I’m thrilled to know she has a desire to serve the public and is willing to offer her time and expertise in this capacity.

I was first introduced to Peggy in 2003. We met where most parents of school-age children meet: on the blacktop at Haldane. Since that time I’ve had several encounters with her — some back at the school, some on the train platform and some in various community or school-related meetings. Each time, no matter what the subject, I’ve felt refreshed, understood and as if I had learned something new. Peggy listens closely — very closely — and thinks deeply about what is being said and discussed around her.

She brings to the table a spectrum of educational knowledge that is rare, necessary and valued. Peggy also offers a unique combination of passion for and fierce dedication to the public education system, especially around topics that can be riddled with all sorts of systemic roadblocks and sensitivities.

I know she has given this decision a good deal of thought and definitely does not take it lightly. She is a very hard worker, pays close attention to the whole picture of an issue at hand and embodies a particular brand of grace that is refreshing, especially in public service settings today.

Please vote for Peggy on May 19!

Kathy Curto
Cold Spring

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