Water Snake Enjoys Falls

A Northern water snake ("Nerodia sipedon") basks in the sun on a rock below the Indian Brook waterfall on a recent quiet weekday. Nonpoisonous, Northern water snakes range from 20 to 53 inches (nearly 4.5 feet) in length. Dwelling in marshes, ponds, streams and rivers, they feed on minnows and little fish, frogs, young turtles, crustaceans, salamanders and – at times – small mammals. Although prone to flee if possible, they can strike repeatedly if bothered and cornered, with a bite that can produce intense bleeding. (Photo by Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong)

A Northern water snake (“Nerodia sipedon”) basks in the sun on a rock below the Indian Brook waterfall on a recent quiet weekday. Nonpoisonous, Northern water snakes range from 20 to 53 inches (nearly 4.5 feet) in length. Dwelling in marshes, ponds, streams and rivers, they feed on minnows and little fish, frogs, young turtles, crustaceans, salamanders and – at times – small mammals. Although prone to flee if possible, they can strike repeatedly if bothered and cornered, with a bite that can produce intense bleeding. (Photo by Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong)

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