Letter: Superintendent Bowers on Community Leaders’ Group

As you may know, the Haldane Central School District has adopted a Strategic Plan that will be the focal point of our efforts for many years to come. One of the cornerstones of this plan is building and maintaining strong relationships with our community members and inviting them to become an integral part of our growth process as our future evolves.

With this in mind, the Haldane Central School District is creating a Community Leaders’ Group to serve as the community’s voice in our planning process. This alliance will also act as a conduit to keep our constituent groups well-informed of the new initiative, the success of our schools, our present practices and the political and financial factors that affect our daily lives.

As we unfold the Haldane Central School District’s Strategic Plan, we will rely on our Community Leaders’ Group to keep us abreast of local interests, needs and queries. Our community’s input will be a very important part of our developmental process. In addition, we would like to share the most recent political and financial interests affecting the district, and keep you well-informed of the recent and future initiatives.

If you would have an interest in being a part of this supportive group, please contact my secretary, Linda Dearborn, at [email protected]. We anticipate our first meeting will take place in early November and then bi-monthly throughout the school year. We welcome you and your point of view to these important conversations. We look forward to working with you.

Diana Bowers,
Superintendent of Schools

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