Sewers to be Closed Temporarily in Parts of Beacon

City to install liners into pipes

The City of Beacon has started rehabilitating portions of its sanitary sewer system through a process known as “slip lining” to install new linings into existing pipes to restore their structural integrity. The lining is treated with a resin that hardens to fortify the pipe.

The liner reduces the pipe diameter by only 5 percent, so flow is not affected. Once the liner has cured, a video inspection is performed and the sewer laterals are reopened. The process requires the sewer to be closed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the dates and at the locations below:

Dec. 10 Catherine
Dec. 14 Dutchess Terrace
Dec. 15 Kent
Dec. 16 Wodenethe
Dec. 17 Sargent

If you have questions, call the Water and Sewer Department at 845-831-3136.

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