Letters: Candidate Endorsements

I am writing in support of Lynn Miller and Steve Voloto for village trustee on March 15. Each has raised or are raising their families in the village and manage their own businesses here. Lynn takes the pulse of Main Street daily from behind the counter of her shop. Many skills and values that make her an exemplary candidate for trustee are evident there: a meticulous attention to detail, unfailing positive spirit, a concern for quality, plus a generous interest in her customers.

Steve brings the practical skills of organizing and carrying out the work of a contractor, which are welcome, in service to the community. As a resident and home-owner in the village for 21 years, I value their long-term commitment to the life of the village. They will also bring fresh energy to the hard work of the Board.

In their interviews with The Paper/Philipstown.info, both Lynn and Steve speak of the need to look seriously at the fraught issue of the consolidation of services, which seems to me important and ultimately may lead to savings and efficiencies. However, as Lynn brought up in The Paper/Philipstown.info forum, the hard fact is that we live in a “drug corridor” which has had tragic consequences in the community and affirmed a role for the village police. So needs and costs must be balanced and there is no simple benefit from attempts at consolidation, however beneficial it might be in other areas. I felt it was good to hear that issue raised, in this forum and at this time, as we voters consider what our expectations of good local government should be.

The work of the village board is certainly about nuts and bolts, sidewalks and water supply, zoning, parking, trash and recycling and much more — and how we pay for it. Trustees must also have a nuts-and-bolts knowledge of the real goals, needs and concerns of the village and its families. In addition to their skills, willingness to work hard and a commitment to civility, I believe that Lynn and Steve will bring valuable attention to these real needs to the work of the board.

Steve McCorkle, Cold Spring

I am so happy that Lynn Miller and Steve Voloto are generously willing to devote their time and talents to run for trustee of Cold Spring, and I’m even happier to be able to vote for them on March 15.

I’ve known Lynn for years. What an amazing woman she is! She created her own (delicious) business, brightening Main Street and giving jobs to local teens; she’s a terrific mother and devoted wife and the epitome of what a great neighbor should be. She loves this community and has already given so much to us. But she wants to give more! That’s Lynn in a nutshell: incredibly capable, kind and always wanting to do more.

While I don’t know Steve as well, I know what a terrific and well-rounded guy he is: like Lynn, he runs a business here (I see his tremendous handiwork every day I look out my kitchen window and see the barn he renovated for my neighbors) and is a devoted father and husband who loves this place we all call home.

Cold Spring isn’t just a lovely place to look at — it’s a community with inner beauty. That’s not something that happens magically, it’s the result of the efforts of the people who live here, especially folks like Lynn and Steve, who are willing to go above and beyond to work for all of us. I’m so grateful, and I’ll show my gratitude at the ballot box.

Maia Guest, Cold Spring

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