Letter: Where’s My Crosswalk?

The sidewalk project is near completion. How long did it take to get this contracted? Way longer than it took to actually do the job. Lots of blame for wasted time all around. But part and parcel of this project was the hoped for addition of a Main Street crosswalk.

Not so exotic right? We have crosswalks painted all over the village, but everyone had a complicated explanation whenever I asked why a crosswalk could not be painted across Main Street, to protect citizenry and tourists from the most dangerous jaywalk in town. “Oh, we have to get permission from Albany.” Really?

A Photoshopped image showing a crosswalk on Main St.

A Photoshopped image showing a crosswalk on Main St.

I have been privately advocating for this for five years. My advocacy was instigated by an elderly man getting hit by a car as it careened onto Fair from Main, without decelerating at all. More recent expressions of concern sent to publicly disclosed email addresses of village board members, and the mayor, went unanswered.

Given the ramps that now are placed from the new sidewalk project at either side of Main as indicated exactly as the Photoshopped image above, it seems it is planned. So how many more years before we buy some white paint and do it?

Barry Wells, Cold Spring

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