Haldane Boys Win First Major Cross-Country Meet

The Haldane boys’ country-country team won the 20-school second division of the Queensbury Invitational on Sept. 17 at Queensbury High School in upstate New York. Coach Tom Locascio said he believes this is the first time the Blue Devils had finished first at a major meet. The Haldane girls also had a strong showing, finishing seventh of 20 teams in the second division.

Pictured from left are Nick Farrell, Ellis Osterfeld , Kyle  Kisslinger, Locascio, Adam Silhavy, Jonas Petkus Brett Schwartz and Andrew Silhavy. (Photo by Peter Farrell)

Pictured from left are Nick Farrell, Ellis Osterfeld , Kyle  Kisslinger, Locascio, Adam Silhavy, Jonas Petkus, Brett Schwartz and Andrew Silhavy. (Photo by Peter Farrell)

Boys’ team results

Haldane (120 points), 18:30 average
Voorheesville (124) 18:34 average
Schuylerville (129) 18:40 average
North Warren (152) 19:01 average
Maple Hill (158) 19:02 average


04 Nick Farrell 17:02.17
05 Adam Silhavy 17:27.78
25 Jonas Petkus 18:45.67
34 Ellis Osterfeld 19:11.96
59 Andrew Silhavy 20:05.12
74 Kyle Kisslinger 20:30.48
101 Brett Schwartz 21:32.60

14 Ruby McEwen 21:22.40
31 Heather Winne 22:46.48
35 Taylor Farrell 22:57.78
46 Shannon Ferri 23:32.35
84 Olivia McDermott 25:19.36
93 Meghan Ferri 26:00.32

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