Hudson Valley Color Report (Week 5)

Through Oct. 19

“In the Hudson Valley, foliage spotters in Hudson, in Columbia County, expect 80-100 percent color change and peak conditions by the weekend with golden yellow and orange leaves highlighted by deep reds. Trees will be at peak at Bear Mountain State Park in Rockland County, with orange, red, and yellow leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Newburgh, in Orange County, expect gorgeous peak leaves of all shades of yellow, gold, orange and red this weekend. Foliage will be at midpoint of change in the New City area of Rockland County. There’s still some green, but it’s quickly giving way to brilliant shades of red, purple, yellow and orange. Orange County spotters in Goshen predict 80 percent color change with very brilliant scarlet, yellow, peach, wine, and lime green leaves at near peak. Look for 50-70 percent leaf transition and near peak conditions in Dutchess County by the weekend. Spotters in Poughkeepsie note many beautiful shades of yellow – mustard, gold, deep bronze and bright canary – with just the right amount of orange and a really good dash of red to spice things up.”

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