Teach a Dog New Tricks

Dog obedience classes to start at Rec Center

The Philipstown Recreation Department will offer six-week beginner and advanced dog-obedience classes starting Mar. 22. Instructor Morgan Stebbins will help humans and their canines behave and interact with each other and with other people and animals. The beginner class will include instruction on taming a dog’s bad habits such as jumping on people, stealing things, running away, barking and chewing on the wrong things.

To register, see philipstownrecreation.com or call 845-424-4618. The cost is $135 for Philipstown residents and $150 for non-residents.

2 thoughts on “Teach a Dog New Tricks

  1. I highly recommend Morgan and these classes. I think of it more as “people training,” and he has helped us learn to corral our English Setter puppy, whose instincts are to gallop up and over people, furniture and cats.