Letters: Endorsements for Beacon City Council

For months, I have been walking through Ward 3 talking to residents. One of the main concerns I hear is how rapidly the city has grown over the last five years.  I’m not anti-development, but I agree that this is a major issue. I have reviewed the Comprehensive Plan, which I feel is a great blueprint, but even with its last review and revision, I feel there is much work still to be done to help our city and community grow sustainably.

We need to preserve the past while building for the future. This much growth focused in the residential sector is creating a poor balance. I feel we need to pause for a moment and start focusing on how we can bring more jobs into our city, specifically attracting professional commercial office types and light industry.  We are nearing closer to certain resource limits and needed to enact the six-month building moratorium to better plan how we can grow smart and sustainably. Thank you and I’ll see you on the campaign trail.

Andrew Gauzza, Beacon
Gauzza is the Republican candidate for the Ward 3 seat on the Beacon City Council.

I was raised in Beacon. I grew up here long before it turned into what it is. It was hard to remain positive as Main Street shrank and became boarded up, jobs left, and education cuts and the like took away quality of life. After Texaco closed, a neighbor moved to Texas. After Nabisco closed, a neighbor moved to North Carolina. When IBM shed its employees, my mom had to take that early retirement buyout. Throughout all of this, I kept my eyes open and my heart hopeful. I took that experience with me where my naturally observant nature meshed well with sociology, my major at SUNY New Paltz.

When I graduated in 1996, I quickly found a job in finance. In a matter of weeks, I went from purple hair and cut-off jeans to a suit and tie and the Wall Street Journal under my arm. I have never learned as much in such a short time as I did working for that investment bank. In fact, the first time I was ever in a boardroom, it was Donald Trump giving the presentation for his soon-to-be bankrupt company, Donald Trump Resorts and Casinos. It was not a good presentation. But it was great experience.

By the time I was 30, I was a vice president and financial advisor at Chase Manhattan. I learned about budgets, I learned about hidden value, I learned contrarian ideas and how well they can work.

I turned everything I learned, along with my love for cooking, into my Beacon restaurant, Poppy’s. It was an amazing feeling to realize that food, health, and environmentalism could be promoted through a business concept. I spent more than $1 million on a handful of local businesses and I’d like to believe I helped set the Hudson Valley and Beacon back on course to dominate.

The reason I am the best choice to represent Ward 1 is because I believe all things are possible. I don’t debate ideas anymore. I execute and achieve. Someone has to stand up to the developers, the usurpers who want to come in and take from our city without concern for giving back.

Beacon, I am your guardian, and you soldier, and I will fight for our quality of life and I will ensure that what’s happened before will not happen again. Please vote for me in Ward 1 on Nov. 7.

Paul Yeaple, Beacon

Residents of Beacon have an important election for City Council representatives on Nov. 7. As a resident of Ward 4, my vote goes to Amber Grant.

I met Amber when she volunteered for Wee Play Community Project to run sprinklers at the Green Street Park, and I found her to be smart, honest and responsible. She is hardworking and has the drive and dedication to work for us. Amber is very accessible and I know she will be readily available to her constituents.

Amber has the vision and drive to help move Beacon forward. She is dedicated to both environmental and economic sustainability for our city. With her 10-plus years of professional experience in digital technology, project and budget management and strategic planning, she brings critical skills and a proactive approach to the council.

I know Amber will be a great asset to our city — please join me in voting for her on Nov. 7.

 Raquel Verdesi, Beacon

I am writing to offer my whole-hearted endorsement of Amber Grant for Beacon’s Ward 4. Grant is a passionate, smart and principled individual who will bring experience in project and budget management, long-term strategic planning, and a fresh perspective that will benefit our city government. From the day I met her, I knew that she would be a good fit for Beacon.

In addition to her professional skills, Amber will be responsive and compassionate, and will serve Ward 4 and our beloved city of Beacon with integrity and follow-through.

Amber is endorsed by the Beacon Democratic Committee, the Working Families Party, the Women’s Equality Party, the Dutchess Democratic Women’s Caucus and Eleanor’s Legacy.  You can find her on the Democratic, Women’s Equality and Beacon United ballot lines. Please vote on Nov. 7!

Kelly Ellenwood, Beacon

Amber Grant is our choice for Ward 4 City council member. We know Amber to be an accomplished person — smart, hardworking, energetic, responsible and passionate about everything she does. Her personal and professional experience make her an excellent City Council candidate. She brings years of professional experience in long-term planning, and project and budget management — skills that will be an asset to our community. She is also a dedicated community volunteer and leader, enriching every organization she works with.

Amber brings a fresh perspective to help guide Beacon toward a successful and sustainable future, with the skills to help get us there. This means a great deal to us as parents of newborn twins! She is focused on smarter, stronger control of development, economic advancement and environmental sustainability. Amber has specific and actionable plans to achieve these goals and is exactly what we need to help shape the future of our community. Please join us in voting for Amber on Nov. 7.

Allison Prouty and Chris Arnold, Beacon

Nov. 7 is fast approaching, when Beaconites will go the polls to vote. The Democrats on the City Council fought against monstrosities like 344 Main St., with its fake façade, while the GOP and the mayor would like to see what a “five-story” building on Main Street looks like.

Just watch City Council meetings to see Republicans throw out the past, promote high-density building and give every high-powered developer the variances they want. Where Democrats closely watch how our tax dollars are spent, Republicans have no vision for our future other than more development, no deluge water plan for the city, sweet deals for developers plus economically draining projects like the single-use city service structure that just went up.

I urge all Beaconites to vote for the well-informed, progressive Democratic slate.

Naomi Canaan, Beacon

It’s rare to find someone as compassionate as Jodi McCredo, the Democratic candidate for Ward 3, but she’s the real deal.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jodi on the Beacon Human Relations Commission for the past couple of years. Her compassion for the community and others has been a great asset to the commission and is exactly what makes her a great candidate for the City Council. She has a go-getter attitude when it comes to solving community issues/concerns and has no problem standing up for what is right.

I believe Jodi McCredo is the best candidate for our thriving community.

Yvonne McNair, Beacon

On Nov. 7, Beacon residents will vote to choose the path of our wonderful city. I am proudly supporting Jodi McCredo, the Democratic and Working Families candidate for Ward 3.

In all the years I have known Jodi, she has impressed me with her love of this community and its people. I believe her commitment to Beacon deserves to be exercised on our City Council, and I am convinced that she is the clear choice for Ward 3.

As a parent of two children in the Beacon City School District, Jodi works hard on behalf of our school community and stands up for students and teachers.  I believe she will help to foster improving communication between the City Council and the school district, which is crucial to the healthy growth of our community. Jodi’s priorities for protecting open spaces and preserving historic beauty in Beacon are extremely important.

These values will help to keep that which makes Beacon a special place to live. Her energy and work ethic as a business owner gives McCredo a unique perspective for working families and job creation.

When you meet Jodi, you know that she is an authentic person with a hard-working spirit and perseverance. When you meet Jodi, you know that she will face challenges head on and seek opportunities to bring people together. When you meet Jodi, you just know that she is the right choice for our City Council — the right choice for Ward 3.

Rebecca Correllus, Beacon

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