Letters: Endorsements for Philipstown Town Board

On Sept. 17, the Conservative Party held its caucus to nominate candidates for Philipstown supervisor and two other seats on the town board. The caucus unanimously nominated Timothy M. Greco for one of the two council seats. There were no other nominations.

During the caucus, party members discussed the candidates to determine who would best represent the Conservative Party and its principles for the general election on Nov. 7. Discussions largely revolved around concerns regarding overreaches by the town board on certain agenda items brought up in the recent past — particularly, the Mass Meeting Ordinance, the Safe Storage Ordinance and, most recently, the Philipstown Equal Protection Resolution, also known as the Sanctuary Town Resolution.

The Sanctuary Town Resolution was of great concern to the caucus, especially because three of the five board members, including Supervisor Richard Shea and Michael Leonard, voted to approve it.

In their vote, Shea and Leonard essentially violated the public oath “to support the U.S. Constitution” taken during their swearing in ceremonies in 2015 and 2013, respectively. Both Shea and Leonard also understood that this resolution could expose the town to reduced federal disaster funding in the event of a significant storm or natural disaster. Despite being informed of these concerns at a public meeting, they still voted in favor of the resolution.

Further caucus discussion involved whether the candidates would potentially stand by the principles supported by the Conservative Party.  The caucus participants were of the belief that Greco was the only candidate running that would fundamentally support Conservative Party principles, if he were to be elected.

In addition to the Conservative Line, Greco will also be running on the Republican Party Line.

Keith Anderson, Philipstown
Anderson is the chairman of the Conservative Party caucus for Philipstown.

I am writing to express my support for Richard Shea for Philipstown supervisor and John Van Tassel and Mike Leonard for the Philipstown Town Board. Each of these men works tirelessly to bring Philipstown admirable management and leadership.

I’m grateful to have a board that works together in the town’s best interest, mindful that there are many different opinions about the problems that confront us. They are knowledgeable, steady and committed. On Nov. 7, vote for Shea for supervisor and John Van Tassel and Mike Leonard for Philipstown Town Board.

Lithgow Osborne, Garrison

Local elections are significant. They are the most authentic expression of popular will. They are the closest we get to the epicenter of our democratic process, and we are just starting the 2017 edition.

Philipstown elections for the town board are particularly exceptional this time around. Some current board members have navigated controversial issues largely in a successful fashion, from the rezoning of the town, the creation of a Fire District, natural disasters, rigidity of budgets, etc. The town supervisor is again unchallenged; this should speak on its own about the effectiveness of that leadership. Absent of any extraordinary situation, he will be reelected for a fifth consecutive term.

The contested election narrows this year to three candidates for two open council seats. The two incumbents undeniably immersed themselves in the mechanics of governing, at times sporting controversial positions, but in all fairness, they ought to be recognized for their service to our town.

I never had a political affiliation, nor am I about to start having one. However, as a first-generation immigrant, I do have a passion for politics (and soccer).

Hence, this independent citizen will vote for Timothy M. Greco for the town board. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been for more than six years a congregant in the church he pastors. Those years have given me a fuller appreciation for Greco’s integrity, dedication to people and his ability to actually listen.

Pastor Tim, in addition, has the longest list of volunteer service in the community that knows no political boundaries; I have seen candidate Greco working and getting things done alongside the legendary Betty Bundy many times. I also know that he can be a potent voice at the board on issues of drug addiction that are afflicting our town; he has made that his cause for many years.

This year I am not voting against anyone. But I am voting for a candidate with a fresh voice and vision.

J. Carlos Salcedo, Philipstown

When I decide who to vote for, I look for the candidate who possesses the values that I consider most important for public service. Among the qualities I look for are integrity, a genuine dedication for service, experience, knowledge of the job and of the issues, humanity and concern for the welfare of others.

The voters of Philipstown are fortunate to have candidates running that hit every one of those criteria — and more.

As our next Putnam County sheriff, Robert Langley will bring integrity, dedication to service and experience to an office where Putnam residents have been too long shortchanged.

Richard Shea, upon re-election as supervisor, will continue his long record of honesty, dedication and wisdom, as well as superb leadership.

Michael Leonard and John Van Tassel — two of the hardest working and most dedicated public servants I know — will continue to be part of what makes our Town Board and government the gold standard in Putnam County (and probably Dutchess and Westchester, as well!). Like Richard and Robert, both Michael and John are independent thinkers whose main focus is on serving their constituents, and serving them well.

Be sure to vote on Nov. 7. This isn’t “only a local election” that you can afford to miss. Your day-to-day life is affected by our town and county leaders. And you are in a position to ensure the best are elected. Do it!

Margaret Yonco-Haines, Garrison

Having lived here for just two years, I recently went to my first meeting of the Philipstown Town Council. I was curious to see who our elected leaders were and what they were like.

I was pleased to find our local representatives to be a dedicated, hard-working and transparent group of people that works well together and is very approachable. How often can you say that about elected officials? Having met them and seen them in action, I’m voting to re-elect Richard Shea, John Van Tassel and Mike Leonard. We’re truly lucky to have such high-quality representation.

Dan Willson, Philipstown

Our town is run with integrity. Our county sheriff’s department is not. That’s why I want to re-elect Richard Shea as Philipstown supervisor and Michael Leonard and John Van Tassel to the Town Board and elect Robert Langley as sheriff.

Shea, Leonard and Van Tassel have worked tirelessly on behalf of Philipstown residents, ably taking on challenges and admirably avoiding political rancor. Langley is an experienced lawman with deep ties to the community. Unlike his opponent, he is not embroiled in a costly controversy of his own making. On Nov. 7, I’ll choose integrity and vote for Shea, Leonard, Van Tassel and Langley.

Ned Rauch, Garrison

I am writing in support for Tim Greco for Philipstown Town Board.

There are many reasons why Tim would make a great board member. The one that stands out the most is all the time and effort he has already invested in our neighborhoods. Tim’s long record of giving back to the community is second to none, with no personal agenda. From reporting the news, to his participation in local organizations and helping others with compassionate spiritual healing and substance-abuse counseling, he has given of himself for years for the betterment of others.

I also see Tim as a moderate who exercises good common sense and reason. In this era of extremes, candidates like Tim are refreshing. As pastor of the Church on the Hill, Tim’s church had been attacked by a few disgruntled individuals who tried to stop the church bells from ringing and Tim stood fast and successfully defended his church. He shows that same level of passion in any endeavor and he is just the person we need to fight for our town.

Tim’s level of patriotism in supporting our Pledge of Allegiance is honorable and his sensible approach to state and federal funding of our town and the Second Amendment is sound. Tim is also the director of media for the Walter Hoving Home, a non-profit organization serving women who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other life-controlling problems. Among the charities to which I have donated, the Walter Hoving Home has always been my favorite.

In addition to Tim’s service, loyalty and dedication to our town, he is a very likable guy. He is extremely approachable and always has an ear for you. He possesses a rare combination of peacefulness and passion, and has a great sense of humor.

If you don’t know Tim, or haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, I highly recommend it. To know Tim is to like Tim. I hope you will join those of us supporting him on Nov. 7. There is no doubt in any of our minds that Tim Greco will serve us well.

Cindy Trimble, Cold Spring

I would like to express my support for both John Van Tassel and Tim Greco for Philipstown Town Board. I have known each of these gentlemen for a long time and can say with full confidence that they have both served our community for years with distinction; John on the Town Board and Tim as a pastor, volunteer and active member of the community.

I know them both to be caring individuals who will not back down in the face of what they believe to be right for the residents of Philipstown. John has done a good job on the Town Board and Tim will also be a tremendous asset to the board.

Both John and Tim have earned my trust as leaders in the community and I hope you will join me on Nov. 7 in electing them to represent us in Philipstown.

Peg Schatzle, Cold Spring

3 thoughts on “Letters: Endorsements for Philipstown Town Board

  1. Tim Greco is a serial liar and deceiver of the public. I say that not to defame or slander but rather to state an easily provable fact that voters should know. A long record of his published lies and deceptions intended to damage private Philipstown citizens, good people in our community, sits in the archives of the Putnam County News and Recorder. It’s a mountain of false and misleading stories.

    Greco may tell you that he was a loyal employee doing the bidding of his monster boss, disgraced sexual predator Roger Ailes. He apparently thinks if you’re paid to do terrible things, then it’s OK. Sure. Just ask professional hit men, the Watergate burglars, the Nuremberg convicted. They said the same thing in their defense. Didn’t work for them, doesn’t work here. He is doing the same stuff in his campaign.

    Greco is trying his best to revive old feuds, employing dirty tricks, stalking folks online, posting stolen private messages on his now-private campaign page, even resorting to calling people out by name to bait them. In this paper’s comment section, Greco has posted an old PCNR enemies’ list transparently disguised as a list of “accomplishments,” trying to provoke fights so that he can “prove” he’s a martyr under attack, hoping to engage his supporters in a call to arms. Others that he wants silenced, receive threatening, unsolicited messages intended to intimidate them. Decent people are rightfully sickened.

    His campaign’s calls for tolerance rings hollow when intolerance, tribalism and instigating fights is very much Candidate Greco’s core political strategy.

    I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this is the last person we need on the Philipstown Town Board.

  2. A collective groan was just heard in Philipstown… Classic tactics coming from the Saul Alinsky textbook, “Rules for Radicals.” Watergate! I’m still chuckling! I am given way too much credit there. I’m going to print and frame this.

    However, even your very own playbook gives you a warning on overdoing the matter: “The tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Don’t become old news.” And I rest my case.These are the people supporting the Democrats in this election. My fellow citizens I offer a better solution, Vote Greco. TIMe for a change.

  3. Notice that Candidate Greco could not dispute a single fact I presented, but instead moved directly to ridicule and character assassination, proving my very argument. He is clearly unfit for public office.