A Charming Show in Beacon

Players to present modern Cinderella

By Alison Rooney

Think you know every twist and turn of the tale of Cinderella? The Beacon Players have a few surprises up their sleeves — and tucked into their gowns and slippers.

The Beacon High School theater group will perform the 2013 Broadway update of the 1957 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Cinderella, which includes a whole lot more contemporary psychology — think oppressed kingdoms, peasant revolutions, rabble-rousers and a more forthright protagonist who orchestrates her own fate.

The show opens on Friday, Nov. 17 at the high school, with performances on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, as well.

Cinderella (Elizabeth Cenicola, at right) with her stepfamily, from left, Madame (Ellery Harvey), Charlotte (Leah Siegel) and Gabrielle (Lindsay Fister) (Photo by Vitta Poplar)

After presenting The Who’s Tommy, a rock musical, in the spring, the students wanted something more familiar that wasn’t Oklahoma or Carousel, said Anthony Scarrone, who directs the twice-yearly productions.

Many students liked the idea of a child-friendly show but were divided about Cinderella. So Scarrone split the players into two groups — one to argue for the musical, and one to argue against.

“It was up to one group to convince the other,” he said. The scales were tipped because, he said, many students had seen the Broadway revival and loved it.

The show also was appealing because of the creative props, scenery and costumes it would require, many of which the players fabricated themselves. Cinderella includes a fox who turns into a footman; raccoons which turn into people; a town with stone walls, shingles and pinnacles; a giant tree; and horses made of fabric and twisted wire.

Many transformations occur on stage, and there are quite a few special effects. Junior Jillian Warner leads the costume design team.

The student creations are augmented by professional costumes, many from Bottari and Cace Theatrical Designs, which did the Broadway production. There’s also a spectacular coach designed by Nino Novellino for the Westchester Ballet Center to deliver Cinderella to the ball.

One crucial element retained from the original production is the score, with familiar songs such as My Own Little Corner, Impossible/It’s Possible and Ten Minutes Ago. Elizabeth Cenicola (who is playing Cinderella) and Elyse Istavan (who appears as a featured dancer) handled the choreography. As with earlier productions, middle school students from Rombout make up the ensemble of townspeople and pages.

Tickets for the three performances (7 p.m. on Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday) are $12 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. See beaconplayers.com or at visit the box office at the high school, which is open Saturday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Pre-show luncheons scheduled for Saturday and Sunday are sold out.


Cinderella – Elizabeth Cenicola
Toper – Alexander Ullian
Sebastian – Jake Robillard
Madame – Ellery Harvey
Marie – Arriana Anniccchiarico
Gabrielle – Lindsay Fister
Charlotte – Leah Siegel
Jean-Michel – Zack Kotzias
Lord Pinkleton – Sebastian Uribe
Footman (Fox) – Elyse Istvan
Coachman (Raccoon) – Melina Cicigline


Brooke Bennett, Devin Bethards, Liam Byrne, Ali Caruso, Anna Cenicola, Melina Cicigline, Juan Cruz, Joshua Espinosa, Joshua Fleming, Aine Gunn, Ila Harvey, Tyler Hulse, Elyse Istvan, Isabela Leon, Jessica McTeer, Amanda Montaldo, Eliza Principe, Belladonna Rodriguez, Juliet Trautman, Samantha Tutasi, Jordan Walsh, Jordan Zinserling

Young Company

Margot Burke, Olivia Del Castillo, Audrey Lewis, Jonah Mensch, Henry Quinn, Lila Quinn, Ruby Rodgers, Shepard Rodgers, Nathaniel Ramos, Caleb Ullian, Keira Seaman

Pit Choir

Tamar Adams, Hannah Alfasso, A-Jay Borromeo, Wesley Brooks, Kaljay Brown, Skylah Browne, Jian Carter, Brianna Der Boghossian, Harleigh Ebeling, Zakiya James, Kenya Jenkins, Larry Lowery-Ellis, Sophie Mercado, Dana Miller, Grace Reddick, Alexsandra Rivera, Destiny Rivera-Santiago, Summer Roberts, Ariana Schmidt, Sierra Taylor, Murielle Tchoumi-Wandji, Allison Varian


Stage Managers – Maya Padilla, Harley Taran
Set Coordinators – Omar Abdo, Patrick Lewis
Student Choreographers – Elizabeth Cenicola, Elyse Istvan
Student Assistant Director – Ellery Harvey

Art & Set Crew

Omar Abdo*, Alonzo Ademaj, Sophia Ahmed, Devyn Angelo, Hanna Burch, Justin Conklin, Rayham Dabashi, John Espin, Dania Gillins, Dior Gillins, Emma Granger, Patrick Lewis*, Madison Migliore, Lauren Morse, James Olson, Nicia Reynolds, Nicholas Rivera, Sharlyce Santana*, Juliet Trautman, Michael Tubbs, Sabrina Tutasi, Samantha Tutasi

Costume & Make-Up Crew

Cynthia Carmona, JoAnna Galbo*, KIndeya Green, Elyse Istvan, Marin Kacur, Jessica McTeer*, Jana Medley, Dana Miller*, Grace Sanker, Jillian Warner*

Lighting Crew

Lucianne Castellano, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Caleb Herrera, IrijahLeiner, Aaliyah Santana, Melissa Smith*, Justin Zinserling

Prop Crew

Wesley Brooks, Tyler Hulse*, Isabela Leon Ferrer*, Lucas O’Blaney, Maya Padilla

Sound Crew

Eva Chapin, Kindu Green, Jr.*, Maddie Miller, Anna Slackman, Jennifer Toujiline


Violin 1: Alison Chase, Violin 2: Elyse Gellert, Cello: Trish Agar, Reed 1: Alicia Dean, Reed 2: Marie Cole, Reed 3: Dave Cole, Reed 4: Roger D’Aquino, Flute: Kayleigh Garrett, Horn 1: Lucas Workman, Horn 2: Jim Mulder, Trumpet 1: Gary Banks, Trumpet 2: Mark D’Amico, Trombone: Steve Kessler, Bass: Jim Meade, Keyboard: Amy Gustin, Drums: Bob Russo

Conducted by Peter Head

*crew chief

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