Game summaries provided by Philipstown Soccer Club

U11 Hawks 7, Kingston 2

The Philipstown Hawks logged another win on Sunday, Sept. 23, dominating the Kingston Burns. The Hawks continued their trademark offensive onslaught and nearly impenetrable defensive wall, notching 14 shots on goal in addition to the seven that landed in the net.

The first two goals were well-orchestrated assists from Marisa Peters to Taya “Fancy Feet” Robinson. Anna-Cat Nelson mixed up the tempo with an adroit dribble down the field and into goal. Gillie Soloviev and Olivia Moran orchestrated beautiful plays on offense that came up just short until Olivia finally earned her prize with perfect positioning and a superb rebound late in the second half.

Brewster 4, U9 Thunder 0

Despite this loss on Sept. 23, the Thunder exhibited immensely improved passing and positioning and had several coordinated attacks on goal early in the first half. Fortune was not on their side, however, and despite elegant footwork and intense defensive pressure from Gavin Drury, numerous clears and saves by Everett Daly and inexhaustible pressure from Xavier Fox and newcomer Eli Beato, the Thunder just didn’t bring it all together.

Photos from Brewster-Philipstown game by Sarah and Annabelle Tormey

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