Vehicle left road near Fair Street

Three pedestrians were struck by a vehicle on Saturday, Sept. 22, after the car left Route 9D in Cold Spring about 500 feet north of Fair Street, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident occurred at about 2:30 p.m. The driver and two of the pedestrians, who were walking on the shoulder, were injured, but there was no arrest made, the sheriff said.

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16 replies on “Three Hikers Struck on 9D”

  1. To be fair, a lot of hikers are oblivious of their surroundings. Sad news, but I’ve seen how they walk on that 45-mph to 55-mph road.

  2. It’s insane on a gorgeous sunny day how crowded it gets on that section of road. Most of the hikers are oblivious of their surroundings, with not a care in the world. It’s inconceivable that there is not a proper path for them to walk on to get to their destination.

  3. Maybe we should start charging all the tourist for destroying our serene mountain and quiet way of life and then someone can bitch about idiots without a brain whose parents didn’t teach them how to walk single file along a road. It’s just like those signs that say “Drive like your kids live here.” So I drive faster because I was taught and taught my kids NOT to play in the road! Duh.

  4. Did anyone actually read the article? It’s only two paragraphs. Apparently these folks were on the shoulder when they were hit and somehow the driver was injured as well. I’m not sure how that happened but it isn’t what we are all thinking.

    1. I feel like most people understand that area gets VERY crowded on nice days, and slow down accordingly. Though we’ve all seen plenty of idiots trying to do the speed limit or faster through there when it’s crowded. And there should be a better place for people to walk, and park. But it’s a whole lot easier and cheaper to just drop the speed limit.

  5. It’s a very dangerous place to park and walk around. The spot in Garrison right after bridge is worse. Too many people come up at one time to hike, and there is no safe place to park.

  6. There is a trail there. Five hundred feet north of Fair Street is in the vicinity of the trail that connects Fair to the Little Stony Point buildings. It allows safe passage from Fair to Little Stony Point, and thus the crosswalk to the Bull Hill and Cornish Estate trails. There is no reason for people to be walking on the shoulder anywhere between Cold Spring and Breakneck.

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