For the past year, I have had the great and fulfilling experience of working alongside a dozen of our neighbors on the first update to the Philipstown Comprehensive Plan.

Adopted in 2006, this guiding document helps the Town Board, the Planning Board and the Conservation Board explore and determine land-use policies and zoning. The plan, and its proposed update, covers everything from community health and wellness to public recreation space, to climate resilience. I am especially interested in housing affordability, so I worked on Goal No. 2, which focuses on maintaining economic diversity in our community.

I know not everybody has the ability to spend a whole year on a project like this, but there is still an opportunity for anyone interested to get involved. Whether you’re passionate about preserving our historic roads or preventing another cellphone tower, visit to review the proposed update, give your feedback and find out about the public meetings on Sunday, Nov. 18, and Thursday, Nov. 29.

Each of us has the capacity to shape our community, and each of us has the responsibility to shape it for the better.

Sean Conway, Cold Spring

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