Loretto Knights Results (Week 9)

4th Grade Boys

Knights Blue defeated Knights White, 11-9

5th Grade Boys

Defeated St. Patrick’s, 29-10
Ryder Griffin (14)

5th Grade Girls

Defeated St. Joseph’s Bronxville, 22-5
Kayla Ruggiero (6)

7th Grade Girls

Lost to Annunciation, 29-24
Ruby Poses (6), Maggie Gordineer (6)
Lost to Transfiguration, 36-21
Camilla McDaniel (6), Ruby Poses (5), Maggie Gordineer (5)
Lost to St. James, 41-17
Eloise Pearsall (8)

8th Grade Girls (10-0)

Defeated St. James Carmel, 34-17
Defeated Holy Name Valhalla, 49-18
Noula O’Reilly (16), Moretta Pezzullo (15)

8th Grade Boys (7-3)

Defeated St. John and Mary (Chappaqua), 51-35
Will Bradley (19), Matteo Cervone (14)

Defeated Holy Name of Jesus (Valhalla), 42-22

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