Triple Crown

At the Section 1, Class C track championships on May 24, Ashley Haines finished third in the girls’ 800-meter run while breaking the Haldane record with a time of 2:24:83. Haines, who will attend Villanova University in the fall, will graduate next month with girls’ records in the 400- (1:01.04), 600- (1:40.49) and 800-meter runs.

During her six-year Haldane career, Haines lowered her 400-meter time by 20 seconds (to 1:01.04), her 600-meter time by 20 seconds (to 1:40.49), and her 800-meter time by 24 seconds.

Ashley Haines (Photo by Michael Haines)

In other events on May 24, Haldane freshman Liliana Westerhuis finished fourth in the girls’ 100 meters (13.96) and fifth in the 200 meters (28.05), while senior Adam Silhavy was fourth in the boys’ 1,600 meters (4:46.11).

Beacon competed in the Section 1, Class B championships on May 25. Naomi Anderson-Benjamin finished fourth in the girls’ 400 meters (1:01.13), Nathalia Thomas was fourth in the 100-meter hurdles (17.37), Zachary Cader was fourth in the boys’ 800-meter run (1:59.21), Nolan Hillhouse was third in the triple jump (42-00.5) and Joshua Rivera was fourth in the discus (123-10).

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