As chair of the Hudson Valley Green Party, I am delighted to see that people in many parts of the world are turning away from toxic plutocracy by voting for the Green Party, whose four pillars are peace, environmentalism, social justice and democracy.

Locally, the Green Party has become so important that it is no longer enough for a Democratic candidate for mayor to be content with the Democratic line. Instead, he must exploit state election law to attempt to run as a write-in candidate on the Green Party line, without the endorsement of Green Party (Going for Green, June 14).

The official Green Party candidate for mayor is lifelong Beacon resident Terry Hockler, who months ago filed to change her party registration to Green. Her platform includes supporting safe green energy, cultural and environmental heritage, local business and affordable housing in Beacon.

If you are a registered Green in Beacon, it is crucial that you come to the voting booth on June 25 to fill in the bubble for the only real Green Party candidate. Let’s stop the Democratic candidate from taking the party line from an actual Green Party candidate.

Barbara Kidney, Newburgh

In reading the April 12 issue of The Current, an item appearing on the front page under the heading Who’s On the Ballot caught my interest.

As a delegate from Dutchess County to the Green Party of New York, I was pleased to see that Terry Hockler’s name did at least find a mention. It did seem that the sentence wherein her name appeared had somewhat of a dismissive connotation. Along with the mention of Terry as a candidate there followed the fact that the Democratic Committee had filed an objection. I would like to inform voters that the objection has been set aside and that Ms. Hockler continues to be the Green Party endorsed candidate for mayor of Beacon.

During an interview, Ms. Hockler spoke with passion about her concern for the quality of life in Beacon. Terry thinks that the level of quality, which attracted so many new residents and started a revival of the city, is being undermined by unbridled development. Terry fears that the revival of the city could be destroyed by greedy developers.

Although Terry indicated that she was not opposed to development and a growing Beacon, she believes that it must be done with thoughtfulness and a sense of maintaining the character of the city and its people. This wish to return power to citizens of Beacon and not to a few developer “yes men,” gained my support and that of other members of the executive committee of the Hudson Valley Green Party.

Now another individual without the Green Party endorsement has mounted an effort to steal the Green Party line for his own political gain. I urge all city of Beacon registered Green Party members to turn out for the primary on June 25 and support Terry Hockler, the Hudson Valley Green Party-endorsed candidate for mayor.

David Giannascoli, Poughkeepsie

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