Dutchess Creates Animal Cruelty Register

Also approves regulations for tethering dogs

Dutchess County on Sept. 10 created an animal abuse registry and established regulations for the tethering of dogs when County Executive Marc Molinaro signed bills passed unanimously by the county Legislature in August.

Anyone convicted of certain abuse crimes will be placed on the registry, which is maintained by the county sheriff, for 15 years. They are also barred from owning or living with an animal, and anyone selling or giving away a pet must first check the registry. Putnam County created an animal abuse registry in 2016 that is posted at spcaputnam.org, although it currently has no entries.

The second law bans tying up a dog outside for more than two hours without shelter, or for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. It also bans choke or pinch collars and requires tethers to be at least 10 feet or five times the length of the dog and provide the animal with at least 125 square feet to move. It also prohibits tethering during inclement weather and requires that the dog is at least six months old.

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