Loretto Knights Results (Weeks 3, 4)

Milo Shuk (25) fires a pass during a game for the eighth-grade boys' team. (Photo by Dan Dillon)

3rd Grade Boys 

Defeated Immaculate Conception (Irvington), 14-11
Tyler Powers (10)

Lost to Ann Seton (Shrub Bush), 14-9
Brian Rommel (4)

4th Grade Boys 

Lost to the Chapel School (Bronxville), 21-16
Sam Poses (6), Max Kupper (6)

4th Grade Girls

Defeated Saint Vito (Mamaroneck), 14-9
Drew Kelly (6), Riley Chiarella (6)

5th Grade Boys (Blue)

Lost to the Chapel School (Bronxville), 19-18
Lost to Our Lady of Mercy (Port Chester), 22-5

5th Grade Boys (White)

Lost to Holy Name (Croton), 22-21

5th Grade Girls 

Defeated Saint John the Baptist (Yonkers), 18-12
Taya Robinson (8)

6th Grade Boys

Defeated Holy Name (Croton), 26-23
Ryder Griffin (8), Lincoln McCarthy (6), Ty Vilella (6), Luke Bozsik (6)

6th Grade Girls

Lost to Our Lady of Sorrow (White Plains), 17-11
Kayla Ruggiero (6)

Lost to Saint John and Mary (Katonah), 15-8
Kayla Ruggiero (6)

8th Grade Girls 

Defeated St. Mary’s (Katonah), 47-2
Eloise Pearsall (14), Camilla McDaniel (9)

Defeated Sacred Heart (Patterson), 36-14
Camilla McDaniel (10), Maggie Gordineer (8)

Defeated Holy Innocent (Pleasantville), 31-30
Ruby Poses (13), Camilla McDaniel (10)

8th Grade Boys

Defeated Saint Matthews (Hastings), 32-22
Jude Morrison (14), Ryan Van Tassell (9)

Lost to Old Sorrows (White Plains), 40-25
Dylan Rucker (8), Milo Shuk (6)

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