Memorable Holiday Sweaters

Although you may well want to forget

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. And the women beholding the ugly (read: outlandish) holiday sweaters they created at the Howland Public Library in Beacon last week certainly did not consider them to be in the category, despite their best efforts.

Trending: tie-dye plus Charlie Brown characters, as modeled by Mary Roth (Photo by A. Rooney)

“It seemed like a fun, holiday-time thing to do,” said librarian Alison Herrera of the event, a first at the Howland.

The library provided everything but the canvas, i.e., the sweatshirts and sweaters each participant decorated. The embellishments included cut-outs of snow people and gingerbread people, buttons, red and green felt, and the crucial bling and glitter glue.

“If you need smiley faces, I have ’em,” someone offered.

Some couturiers brought their best game. Mary Roth began with a tie-dye garment — “in non-Christmas colors — it’s versatile” — with a hat to match. Asked whether she was making it as a gift, she replied, “Oh, I never even thought of that!”

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