Dear Valentine

Eftinka: Happy or grumpy, chipper or sleepy, with feta or without, I love you more and more each day. ~Joshua

My dearest John: 50+ years and I am still the luckiest woman! You have made my life a full and happy one. ~Karen

Polina: There were never two as lucky as us. Paradise is every morning meeting with you. I’ll love you forever, my June. Xoxo ~Kat

My dearest L:  I love you so very much. I always will. ~E.

Dearest Jess:  I love you like a sea otter loves diving through crystal clear waters. Will you be my Valentine?. Love, Justin

Happy day to my mallard. Remembering all of our sunsets seen & looking forward to all of the sunsets left to fly through together.

Ciao amore! Ti amo tanto e ti ameró per sempre. Tua, Francesca

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