Student Debaters Win Arguments

debate winners

Debate winners from the Manitou School, along with Aiden Sullivan-Hoch (left), a Manitou grad who attends Haldane High School (Photo provided)

Haldane, Manitou students sweep at Bard

Students from Haldane and the Manitou School won numerous awards at the Ninth Annual Hudson Valley Middle and High School Debate Tournament hosted on Feb. 28 by the Bard College Debate Union.

debate winners

All the debate winners (Photo provided)

Students from the Garrison School, Haldane, and Manitou participated in the middle-school division, and Haldane students participated in the high school division.

The tournament presented gavel awards to the top 10 speakers, based on points scored during the debates, and medals to the top five teams. Students from Manitou and Haldane swept the middle-school awards.

Middle School Winners – Speaker Awards

  1. Liliana Capello (Haldane)
  2. Helena Kottman (Manitou)
  3. Lucius Bell (Manitou)
  4. Clara Tripp (Manitou)
  5. Garbriel Sampliner (Manitou)
  6. Owen Sullivan-Hoch (Manitou)
  7. Josie Foley-Hedlund (Haldane)
  8. Percy Parker (Haldane)
  9. Violeta Edwards (Haldane)
  10. Arjun Bagaria (Manitou)

Team Winners

  1. Manitou Team B (Colin Hopkins, Clara Tripp, Erris Maguire)
  2. Haldane Team A (Liliana Capello, William Busselle, Percy Parker)
  3. Manitou Team A (Gabriel Sampliner, Lucius Bell, Owen Sullivan-Hoch)
  4. Haldane Team C (Amelia Alayón, Violeta Edwards, Sofia Kelly)
  5. Manitou Team C (Arjun Bagaria, Anna-Sofia Marrison, Helena Kottman)

High School Winners – Speaker Awards

  1. Stephen Robinson (Haldane)
  2. Sophia Kottman (Haldane)

Team Winners

  1. Haldane (Aidan Sullivan-Hoch, Sophia Kottman)
  2. Haldane (Celia Drury, Stephen Robinson, Lucas Vladimiroff)

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