The stories — and poems, and paintings — go on despite a pandemic, as Haldane High School published the 2020 edition of Insight, its annual literary magazine.

It was co-edited by Mollie Altucher, Julie Geller, Bridget Goldberg and Cassie Laifer. The art editor was Anneke Chan, who contributed the cover image at right, and other contributors included Sam Bates, Jill Cox, Anastasia Coope, Shea DeCaro, Curtis Huber, Aurora McKee, Ziaire Mickell, Andrew Nachamkin, Zoe Silvermann, Athena Stebe-Glorious, Damian Vladimiroff, Lucas Vladimiroff and Seren Yiacoup.

The staff worked under the guidance of English teacher Eric Richter, who retired at the end of the school year.

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