Notes from the Cold Spring Village Board

■ The Cold Spring Board of Trustees on Tuesday (Aug. 18) approved the sale of two adjacent, village-owned lots totaling 0.98 acres at the corner of Moffat and Healy roads. They will be sold to Josh Meyer for $21,500. Part of the property is located in the Village of Nelsonville. Mayor Dave Merandy said the parcel had been acquired for potential use by the water department. The village also will sell a 368-square-foot parcel in front of 212 Main St. to the homeowners for $1,473.

■ The board rescinded a resolution passed earlier this year that was intended to reduce pedestrian congestion during the pandemic by prohibiting placement of merchandise and signs on Main Street sidewalks. Village code permits merchandise and signs on sidewalks, but only up to 3 feet from the facade.

■ Organizers of Community Bike Day asked for permission to hold the fall event. Although the board has canceled all large-scale events through the end of the year because of the pandemic, the event does not include a mass start. The board asked organizers to provide detailed plans.

■ The Bike Day request prompted discussion of the Halloween parade and events. Board members expressed doubt the parade will take place, but village officials said they would discuss the issue with the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the parade, and homeowners on Parrott and Parsonage streets.

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