Creates new fellowship program

The Garrison Institute on Oct. 5 announced that it has hired two new directors.

Angel Acosta is the inaugural director of the Garrison Institute Fellowship, an initiative for emerging leaders from a wide array of fields, including psychologists, anthropologists, artists, musicians, poets, mindfulness practitioners, healers, activists and architects. The fellows will collaborate over a year to create innovative, cross-disciplinary art, research, and community programs.

Angel Acosta
Angel Acosta

“I see the fellowship as a means to create and curate projects that emphasize interdependence and mutuality,” Acosta said in a statement. Key themes include “the science of interconnection,” which studies the nature of reality and consciousness, and “generative action” for personal and social change.

Before joining the Garrison Institute, Acosta was a program director for the nonprofit CFES Brilliant Pathways, where he facilitated leadership training and created pathways to higher education. A native of New York City, he also serves as the creative director at the NYC Healing Collective.

Pasquale is the director of the Contemplative-Based Resilience Project, which provides resilience trainings for healthcare professionals, social workers, humanitarian aid workers, first responders and other frontline workers who are exposed to chronic stress.

Lina Pasquale
Lina Pasquale

The program offers caregivers “tools and practices so they may ‘be well to serve well,’ ” Pasquale said. Most recently, its tools and trainings have been adapted for caregivers and other workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, the institute said.

Before joining the Garrison Institute, Pasquale served as a senior division director and executive team member of Good Shepherd Services and as a faculty member at the Sanctuary Institute of the Andrus Children’s Center and Iona College. She is a native of the Bronx.

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