Beacon Man Killed on Bridge

Troopers asking for help to identify drivers

A Beacon man was killed on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge on Sunday (Dec. 27) in what police say was a hit-and-run crash.

The New York State Police said they were notified at about 11:27 p.m. by the New York State Bridge Authority that security cameras had shown a pedestrian walking on the southern span. The troopers who responded found Stephen Tomlins, 41, of Beacon, had been struck and killed.

Still frames from the video show two vehicles that may have been involved. Police are asking for any drivers or witnesses to call 845-677-7300 and refer to Case 9998089.

2 thoughts on “Beacon Man Killed on Bridge

  1. The southern span walkway is a protected walk way with barriers. How could he be hit in a jersey-barriered walkway?

  2. We all know who killed this man: The New York State Bridge Authority. By shutting access every evening to the one lane of the Hamilton Fish bridge dedicated to taxpayers and others who forgo motor vehicles and instead power themselves across it, the authority forces these pedestrians and cyclists to navigate Interstate 84 itself along with motor vehicles operating at speeds in excess of 60 mph. What’s 10 times worse now? That taxpayers and others who forgo motor vehicles while crossing the bridge now must share the same exact lane with speeding motor vehicles due to repair work currently underway.

    The murderous conditions maintained every evening by the authority have always been offensive and violent; last week, we saw the death toll rise as a result. How many more people will the authority murder (and then blame motor vehicle operators instead)? Stay tuned…. or the authority could simply not shut access to the lane dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists every night. Hmm.

    Worth noting? The stated mission of the authority: “to maintain and operate the vehicle crossings of the Hudson River entrusted to its jurisdiction for the economic and social benefit of the people of the state.” A fine time as any to update the mission accounting for 21st century realities: “To maintain and operate bridges passing over the Muhheakantuck aka Hudson River entrusted to its jurisdiction for the safety and well-being of the people of the state.” Fine time as any immediately to add safety and lose “vehicle crossings” without missing a beat IMHO. (Hourly ferry crossings every day would add another option for people to access as a water crossing… but that one’s another battle.)

    P.S. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.