Letters: Thanks to Drug World

In the confusion and frustration of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out, there’s a bright spot that deserves to be mentioned. Heidi Snyder, the owner of Drug World in Cold Spring, took the initiative to secure as many doses as she could for our community and, along with Mark Snyder and Father Steve Schunk from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, organized a team of community volunteers to administer it.

As a result, hundreds of Philipstown seniors and others received this lifesaving medication on Jan. 15 and 16 at a pop-up clinic at St. Mary’s. Given the highly constricted supply, Heidi wasn’t able to get enough doses for everybody. But she got as many as she could. Although there’s more to do, Heidi is a person who’s going out and getting it done. Her efforts are just one more example of the importance of small business in our community.

John and Eva Humbach, Cold Spring

In the midst of all that we have weathered during the pandemic, I had the privilege to see how a small group with a vision can come together to bring hope and heart to our community.

Thanks to the initiative of Janice McConville, Kevin McConville, Heidi Snyder, Mark Snyder and Vinny Tamagna, Drug World established a site and administered vaccines. I volunteered to help and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I am not medically trained but was able to contribute to the administrative tasks. The operation was well-designed, well-organized and flawlessly executed. Those who came for their appointment were appreciative of the care and comfort provided, as well as the easy process. To see this small team of volunteers in action is truly something to behold.

What was most noticeable, however, was not so much what is going on — distributing vaccines — but the feeling that everyone is in this together. We are all here to help each other move forward and this is an important step to getting us there.

Thank you to all the people in the community who have been so wonderful to meet during your appointments. I can’t wait for my next volunteer day.

Stacey Gibson, Garrison

How fortunate we are in Cold Spring to have Heidi Snyder, the owner of Drug World. Her efforts, coupled with those of Vinny Tamagna and countless volunteers, brought vaccinations to dozens of us seniors here at the Chestnut Ridge apartments, while owner Dan Dunning provided us with the space and convenience of the community room.

I and my neighbors, so many of whom entered with canes, walkers and wheelchairs, joyfully and gratefully received our greatest gift of 2021.

Thank you to all who watch over us in this beautiful village — a village filled with beautiful and caring souls.

Rena Corey, Cold Spring

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