Maloney Introduces Bill to Revoke Benefits

Would deny former presidents convicted of felony

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, whose House district includes the Highlands, on Feb. 24 introduced a bill that would require former presidents convicted of a felony to forfeit any federal benefits.

Under a 1958 law, former presidents are granted a lifetime pension at the rate of a cabinet secretary, a budget for staff personnel, and furnished office space. Maloney said in a statement that the Restoring and Enforcing Accountability of Presidents (REAP) Act would revoke these benefits (excluding Secret Service protection) for presidents convicted of felonies during or after they leave office.

One thought on “Maloney Introduces Bill to Revoke Benefits

  1. Is Rep. Maloney willing to extend the mandated loss of federal benefits not only to past presidents but also to all elected officials who are convicted of a felony either during or after their service? An inclusive law, applying to every elected official, would declare the willingness of elected officials to hold themselves responsible for their own actions.