State Troopers to Get Body Cameras

new york state police camera

A state trooper adjusts his body camera during training this month. (NYSP photo)

Roll-out will continue through fall

The New York State Police will begin this month to provide its troopers with body cameras to wear on patrol. 

The cameras are required for state troopers under a law enacted last year. Officers in Troop G, which serves the Capital Region, will be the first to receive the devices and training, followed by those in the agency’s nine other regions, including Troop K, which is based in Poughkeepsie and patrols the Highlands.

Axon will supply the State Police with 3,000 cameras, secure online video storage, software and technical support for $7.6 million annually. 

Among other situations, the law requires a trooper to record video immediately before he or she exits a patrol vehicle to interact with a person or situation and use video for all uses of force, arrests and summonses; all searches of people or property; or any interaction with an emotionally disturbed person. The cameras automatically begin recording when emergency lights are activated or a gun or Taser is removed from its holster.

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