Haldane Middle School Honor Roll

Students recognized for third-quarter grades

Principal’s List

Grade 8 – Amelia Alayon, Dahlia Beck. Dustin M. Berkley, Violeta Edwards Salas, Marc L. Firpo, Josephine Foley-Hedlund, Robert Freimark, Scotia Hartford, Helen Hutchison, Thomas Locitzer, Micah Morales, Keira Shanahan, Matthew M. Silhavy, Ashley Sousa, Dana Spiegel, Nathaniel Thomas Stickle

Grade 7 – Dylan Ann Ambrose, Anthony Bailey, Eleanor Chew, Louise Denehy, Diego DiGiglio, Aine Duggan, Savannah Duggan, Carl Kester, Nicolas Lagerman, Elliott Mahoney, Ember Mahoney, Nicolo Masella, Lincoln McCarthy, William O’Hara, Marisa Peters, Maxwell Sanders, Tomas Simko, Samantha Thomas

Grade 6 – Alexa Faith Arcigal, Hazel Berkley, Ryan Cavallaro, Marco  DiLello, Frances Donahue, Ryan Duncan, Rita Edwards Salas, Silas Joseph Emig, Henry Foley-Hedlund, Margaret Hall, Lugh Hartford, Tess Hereford, Rosie L. Herman, Talia Hird, Eva Hohenberger, Liv Holmbo, Benjamin M. Hutz, Elaina Johanson, Christine Junjulas, Connor Keegan, Lachlan Koch, Nicolas LeMon, Una Lentz, Griffin Lucca, Gavin Mahoney, Maisie Matthews, Jacqueline L. McCormick, Ruby M. McCormick, Sydney Merriman, Lily Parker, Taya Robinson, Gemma Sabin, Oliver Sanders, Plum Severs, Delia Starr, Lincoln Wayland

High Honor Roll

Grade 8 – Domenica Geraldi Awananch, Christopher Coronel, Judine Cox, Frederick Hohenberger, Zohra Kapoor, Rain Elizabeth Lee, Patrick Locitzer, Gabriela R. Perilli, Oliver Petkus, Jake Powers, Brendan Shanahan, Isabella Tavares, Jake Thomas, Crystal Timmons

Grade 7 – Luke Bozsik, James Frommer, Ryder Griffin, Ryder Wolf Henricksen, Genevieve Knox, Zack Michalek, Daniel Nakabayashi, Owen Powers, Kayla Ruggiero, Giovanni Siciliano, Luke Tippett, Ty Villella

Grade 6 – Nadine Alayon, Polina Buslovich, Cooper Corless, Juan F. Fajardo, Dylan Falloon, Alexander Gaugler, Jaiden Gunther, Milla Maxwell, Corinna Mueller, Amelia Yaret Nova Martinez, Caden Philippi, Kate Resi, Theo Sacks, Patrick Shields, Miya Tzivoni-Kahan, Graham James Weppler, Lennard Fagen Wolfe

Honor Roll

Grade 8 – Claire Bolte, Alexandra Cairns, Brody Corless, Kira Jane Drury, Edwin Dubroff, Patrick Ferreira, Ethan Hall, Leif Heydt-Benjamin, Jake Hotaling, Tyler Hyatt, Sophie Koch

Grade 7 – Molly Bernstein, Philip J. Cappello, Kai Ietaka, Luis Andres Lopez, Cooper Maletz, Josie Elizabeth O’Brien

Grade 6 – Jack Ferreira, Abigail Grace Glotzer, Parker Larsen, Jayden Luoma, Salvatore Pidala, William X. Sevilla, Maksum Shevchyk, Danna Sinchi

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