Letter: Outreach Worker Needed

The senior program at the Friendship Center in Philipstown has a vacancy for an outreach worker. The position has been open for some time. It is important that the outreach worker be someone who is familiar with Philipstown.

Over the past few years it has become clear that one of the most important missing links in addressing the needs of seniors is in identifying “invisible elders” who are geographically and socially isolated. The job of outreach worker includes identifying seniors eligible for programs and/or services and providing home visits and phone calls, as needed.

As Philipstown pays half of the salary, we believe the town should have input into the hiring process to make certain the person has knowledge of, and commitment to, the town’s needs.

Putnam County, which runs the senior center, has not publicized this position, so Philipstown Aging at Home has posted the job description at paah.net and the town has posted it at philipstown.com. We urge interested, qualified candidates to apply.

Sheila Rauch, Cold Spring
Rauch is the chair of Philipstown Aging at Home.

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