Dutchess County Results

The Dutchess County Board of Elections said it did not expect to complete its count of 3,642 countywide absentee votes until next week, leaving a few races still too close to call.


In Legislative District 16, which includes Ward 4 and part of Ward 3 in Beacon, Yvette Valdes Smith, a Democrat who serves as secretary on the board of the Stony Kill Foundation, led Ron Davis, who chairs the Fishkill Republican Committee, by 117 votes on Election Day, with as many as 238 mail-in ballots outstanding. The winner will succeed Frits Zernike, a Democrat who did not seek a third, 2-year term.

Smith 1,385 (52 percent)
Davis 1,268 (48 percent)

Unofficial results, excluding absentees

Democrats lost two seats in the 25-member Legislature when incumbents Rebecca Edwards of Poughkeepsie, the minority party leader, and Brendan Lawler of Hyde Park were defeated. If Smith prevails, it will consist of 17 Republicans and eight Democrats, including Nick Page, who ran unopposed for a third term representing Ward 1, Ward 2 and part of Ward 3 in Beacon.


Robin Lois, a Democrat who is the incumbent, led Republican challenger Ola Nesheiwat Hawatmeh by 1,546 votes when the polls closed on Nov. 2.

Lois 30,540 (51 percent)
Hawatmeh 28,994 (49 percent)

Unofficial results, excluding absentees

Family Court

With only 3,642 mail-in ballots returned (of 6,404 distributed), Beacon resident Rachel Saunders, a Democrat who challenged Republican Denise Watson for Dutchess Family Court judge, will almost certainly not be able to overtake the incumbent, who led by 3,517 votes when the polls closed. Family Court judges, who serve 10-year terms, preside over cases involving custody, divorce, child support, abuse and guardianship.

Watson 31,372 (53 percent)
Saunders 27,855 (47 percent)

Unofficial results, excluding absentees

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