On Saturday (April 23), I ventured from my Garrison home to do a few errands. One of those errands was to do some shopping at the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market. As it turned out, this was not a good idea. The market was packed, which is a good thing for all. However, entering and exiting was not a good thing.

As all of the homeowners in Philipstown know, Route 9D is considered by many to be a glorified walking/bike path or the Indy 500 track. This is particularly evident on weekends when many people come here to enjoy the beauty of our town. And then to see a farmers market at such a beautiful site is certainly a bonus.

Would it be possible to station a traffic guard at the Boscobel entrance on the days of the market? It is difficult to both enter and exit on the Saturdays that are as beautiful and busy as they have been, and promise to be in the spring, summer and fall.

This is just a suggestion from a Philipstown resident for 40-plus years. It would make things safer for all.

Diane Travis, Garrison

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