Philipstown Bans Parking South of Breakneck

Also adds restrictions to north Fair Street

With a 4-0 vote on Wednesday (April 19), the Philipstown Town Board prohibited parking on both sides of state Route 9D between the Cold Spring border and the Philipstown line — effectively anywhere along the highway south of the Breakneck Tunnel. 

The measure also bans parking along a portion of Fair Street that stretches about 600 feet from the edge of Cold Spring to the intersection with Route 9D at Little Stony Point, another state park site that draws crowds.

The board instructed the Philipstown Highway Department “to post appropriate ‘no parking’ signage forthwith.”

Although New York has jurisdiction over Route 9D, the town government has authority over the shoulders, or verges, allowing it to forbid parking.

Supervisor John Van Tassel said an April 14 discussion involving Philipstown; Cold Spring, including its police; the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Fishkill police, New York State Police and the state park police touched on the lack of local regulations along Route 9D, so “we needed to tighten that up a little bit.”

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