Availability lower in Philipstown and Nelsonville

Broadband internet is available to nearly every address in Beacon and Cold Spring, but the coverage is lower in Nelsonville and Philipstown, according to a map released June 22 by the state Public Service Commission.

The map, at bit.ly/ny-broadband-map, allows users to search by ZIP code or street address and view providers and their maximum download and upload speeds.

Broadband is offered to 4,920 addresses, or 99.3 percent of the total, in the 12508 ZIP code, which includes all of Beacon and part of the Town of Fishkill. The coverage for the Beacon school district is 98.3 percent and for Dutchess County, 96.3 percent.

Coverage is nearly complete in Cold Spring (99.7 percent) but lower in the Haldane school district (94.1 percent), Nelsonville (92.5 percent) and Philipstown (92.2 percent). In Putnam County, 98.7 percent of addresses have broadband available.

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