Beacon Rising Choir

Beacon Rising Choir

SINGING SENSATIONS — The Beacon Rising Choir, which began seven years ago with 14 members and now has more than 60, performed March 2 at the First Presbyterian Church in Beacon under the direction of Gina Samardge and accompanied by Andy Reinhart on piano and Steph Dlugon on violin and percussion. Among other pieces, the choir sang hits by Sinéad O’Connor and Bobby McFerrin. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

bannerman castle desk

Frank Bannerman VI

BANNERMAN DESK — Gordon Colby and his wife, Lilly, drove five hours from New Hampshire to deliver a prize on March 3 to the Bannerman Castle Trust: a desk used by Frank Bannerman VI, who in 1900 purchased the Hudson River island that now bears his name. Colby, who is Bannerman’s great-great-grandson, inherited the desk, which had been disassembled and stored in a barn. He is shown with Neil Caplan (left), executive director, and Kelly Ellenwood, director of development. The trust hopes to raise funds and restore the desk by September, when it celebrates its 30th anniversary. (Photo by Lilly Colby)

Bees in the Barn

BEES IN THE BARN — The Beacon band — August Eriksmoen (mandolin),  Sara Milonovich (fiddle), Jordan Shapiro (guitar) and Nate Allen (upright bass) — visited the Beacon Music Factory on March 1. Along with Beatles and Grateful Dead covers, they performed originals such as “Ax in the Grass,” “Chateau de Malt” and “Moose on the Loose.” (Photo by Ross Corsair)

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  1. I attended the March 2 Beacon Rising concert. Oh, what a joyful noise! Watching this group of women of every creed, walk of life, political persuasion, ethnic background, race and income level come together and perform as one voice is truly a credit to each woman and the director.

    The support and uplifting spirit that the women gave to each other during the performance made me pause and wonder why our communities, our nation and our world refuse to strive for the same type of understanding and respect for each other. Thank you, Beacon Rising. You make the world better. I look forward to your next concert.

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