Letter: In Support of Lauren’s Law

To the Editor:
Recently, I was with my grandsons shopping for baseball mitts. While shopping, I spotted a man wearing an interesting shirt, and though I do not remember the exact phrasing, it was along the lines of, “Organ donations saved my daughter’s life.” I approached the man and he shared the inspiring story of how his daughter’s life was saved thanks to a generous organ donor. He said he wears the shirt to publicize the importance of what being an organ donor can do. This is a cause that is close to my heart because I have had friends both who have donated their organs, and whose lives have been saved by donors. Because New York is a great and progressive state, I was very surprised and disappointed to find that we are ranked 47th in terms of state organ donation.

Letter: County Legislature’s opacity upsets petition presenter

Dear Editor:
First off, I want to thank the almost 800 people who showed their support for the NY SAFE Act and signed the petition I delivered to the Putnam County Legislature. I was amazed by the outpouring of support for commonsense gun laws in our county. However, as a citizen of Putnam County, I must also state that I was dismayed by the actions of the Legislature in the events leading up to the petition presentation. I am concerned about what this means for my fellow citizens if they decide to speak out against any action this particular Legislature may take in the future. First, some background.

Letter: Gillian Thorpe for Haldane BOE

Dear Editor:
Whether you’re interested in how your tax dollars are being spent or how your children are being educated, hopefully both, you should pay particular attention to the upcoming Haldane School trustee election. This year’s election is of special importance because, in all likelihood, longtime Superintendent Mark Vallanti will be leaving during the newly elected trustees’ term, and we will need a strong board to interview and select his successor. Having served on the BOE for three terms, under two superintendents, I cannot stress enough the importance of a good leadership and that’s why I’m endorsing Gillian Thorpe for the trustee position. Having served with Gillian and knowing her passion for Haldane and the community, I believe that she is the right person to make the hard decisions that lie ahead. Her experience as trustee and VP of the BOE gives her an important advantage over the other candidates.