Siren Tops Busy Village Board Agenda for Wednesday

The contentious issue of the fire siren tops a busy agenda for the Cold Spring Village Board’s weekly workshop meeting, scheduled for this Wednesday (Aug. 25), at 7:30 p.m. in the village hall, 85 Main Street. After recent repairs the siren, located on Cedar Street near the old cemeteries and Haldane Central School, has again produced both twice-a-day test blasts and ongoing complaints from neighbors about the high-volume noise. Just as resolutely, the Cold Spring Fire Company has defended the siren’s current voice level and method of testing.

During the meeting the mayor and trustees also will revisit another controversial question, adoption of a local law permitting use of composting toilets in certain situations, and take up several other matters, including appointment of a new member to the Special Board for a Comprehensive Plan to fill a vacancy; an application for a barge and tug boat docking at the waterfront; and an emergency action plan in regard to the village reservoir-system dams, as well as inspection, operation and maintenance plans for the dams.

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