Blood Drive at No. Highlands Firehouse, Fri. Nov. 5

On Friday Nov. 5 the commissioners of the North Highlands Fire House will host a pre-Thanksgiving Blood Drive between 2 and 8 p.m.
       Haldane staff and students are stepping up to the plate as organizers, chaperones, and most importantly, donors. Anyone 16 years or older is eligible to donate but 16-year-olds require parental permission. Permission forms can be downloaded at or can be picked up the day of the drive. All donors must bring picture ID. A New York Blood Center representative will be at Haldane a few days before the drive to provide an opportunity for students to sign up.

Haldane staff and students plan to participate in upcoming blood drive. (L to R) Gary van Asselt (Maintenance/Head Cleaner/Varsity Girl’s Soccer Coach,) Cindy Gagnon (Teacher’s Aide/Nurse’s Office) and 9th grade student Tyler Mell.

During the holiday season blood supplies dwindle as inclement weather, school closings and vacations reduce donations. The Community Blood Drive volunteers of Philipstown are asking all eligible persons to donate blood during the upcoming drive. New York Blood Center staff will be on duty – up until the last minute – ready to accommodate walk-ins. Only 2 percent of all eligible New Yorkers donate their blood at community drives and there is no artificial substitute for whole blood. Without it, vulnerable patients cannot survive. The Community Blood Drive asks everyone to “bear this in mind before making your decision about attending. Someday the blood you donate to save a life may be for you or someone you love.” 

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