Saturday, Nov. 27, the Cold Spring Farmers Market moves to its winter quarters at the Philipstown Community Center in Garrison. Many Market favorites will be present, among them: You Knead Bakery, Beyond The Picket Fence, Block Factory Tamales, Bread Alone, Breezy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill & Knollcrest Farm, Cascade Mountain Winery, Dutch Desserts, EB’s Golden Harvest, Full Moon Farm, Go-Go Joe/Go-Go Pops, Hudson River Apiaries, Krazy for Kazu’s, Lanza Farm & Three Chicks Sugar Shack, Madura Farms, Pura Vida Fisheries, Ronnybrook Dairy, and Simply Valley. Almost all vendors are located in the Hudson Valley, supporting local farmers and food artisans. Foodstuffs available include: produce, meat, fish, bread, fruit, cheese and groceries.
       Winter hours are 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every Saturday at the Philipstown Community Center located at 107 Glenclyffe Drive @ Route 9D in Garrison, N.Y. Additional information may be found at .

Photo courtesy of Cold Spring Farmers Market

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5 replies on “Cold Spring Farmers Market Moves Indoors for Winter”

  1. When you claim that all vendors are located in the Hudson Valley, where exactly is the vendor who provides the fish located? In the Hudson Valley? Just wondering how accurate you are about everything being local.

  2. re: CS Farmers’ Market Vendors and where they come from

    This is a misquote on the part of

    Leonora is correct, the fish does not come from the Hudson River. The Farmers’ Market vendors come primarily from the Hudson Valley, but for some items (like fish) a wider net is cast, which the rules of the Market specifically permit: “All agricultural products must be grown and / or processed within 200 miles radius of Cold Spring, NY.”

  3. All produce must be grown or processed withing 200 miles? I’m really curious about this Fish guy – Lemon Sole – is that really fished off Montauk? And how fresh can it be if he has to catch it, clean it, prepare it and then drive several hours to get to Cold Spring? How many stops along the way does he make to drop of his ‘fresh catch’ to various restaurants.

    Sorry for being so skeptical – but really how fresh is the fish from over 200 miles away, being driven in a van and then put onto a table with ice cube?

    I’m not buying any of it.

  4. The Market appreciates the opportunity to confirm vendor product integrity. Pura Vida Fisheries represents something not present in Cold Spring for a very long time (and we all thought we’d not see it for a long time forward): fresh fish, bought directly from the fisherman. Speaking with Capt. Rick Lofstad tonight by phone he confirmed his process: fishing days are Sun, Mon, Tuesday, Thurs and Friday- weather permitting. Processing is done by the NYS approved facility located at the Hampton Bays pier while he unloads, goes home to eat and sleep. He pulls out at 3am Saturday morning to drop fish at three farmers’ markets before arriving at the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market. Recently he has been testing a further trip to the market in Troy, NY. All items are caught by him and his crew, off Long Island, excepting (occasionally) two deep water species (tuna and swordfish), and some shellfish. Fishermen with fish are new in Cold Spring, but fishermen “discovered” NYC Greenmarkets in the 90’s, and early this decade they started testing markets in Westchester. It was the opening of our Indoor Market last year, and the opportunity to try a year-round market in our area that brought us our call from Capt. Rick.

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