Mayor Gives Faust Court Easement Update

The intersection of Faust Court, before paving, and Foundry Pond Road (Photo by Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong)

Efforts underway to finalize written understandings with two Faust Court property owners

Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher said this week that efforts were underway to finalize written understandings with the two Faust Court property owners who had briefly objected to paving of their road near the Cold Spring Upper Reservoir. The village paved the road in late November in an easement agreement with two other homeowners to gain access to the upper dam via their properties, in addition to payments of $10,000 per property.

The village would pay far less to the remaining two owners with land along Faust Court, a private road, the mayor said in a brief update after the Dec. 7 Village Board workshop. “We’re not going to be paying any big money,” he told “We have legal access across those sections of Faust Court already,” he said. “But if we want to get that secured on paper,” the village will get the easement strips of their affected parcels appraised “and would pay for any diminution in value to their property,” he said. Final details were pending.

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