One-Day-Only Exhibit in Nelsonville

Work by Jaanika Peerna

Four Artist in a One-Day-Only Exhibit in Nelsonville This Sunday 

This Sunday, April 17, four well-regarded artists will show their work in a special one-day-only exhibit entitled Glance, at 302 Main Street, Nelsonville (just up from the Nelsonville shops.) Glance: One Day Of Art will feature works by Susan English, Peter Ianarelli, Jaanika Peerna and Stephen Spaccarelli. Conceived when Peerna was visiting English and saw her empty rental apartment, the artists will fill the walls and floors of the apartment for one day only with their current work.

Process and materials are essential aspects of all four artists’ work. In English’s recent work she has been experimenting with poured polymer both on a rectangle and shaped support working with the delicate relationship between control and accident.

"Aequora-Poured" by Susan English

Peter Iannaralli’s inventive sculpture and installation uses everyday objects to challenge our sense of normalcy. He tinkers with the objects  by taking them out of context he invites the viewer into a dialogue. Humor is an important component of the work.

Peerna’s drawing, installation and video is both a personal and visceral response to nature. The drawings, Maelstrom and Air Dance are mappings of air movement in nature. Says Peerna of her drawings, “I like to think that my drawings were born because the wind got stuck behind my pencil and moved it around.”

Spaccarelli works in both three and two dimensions using paint, wood, steel glass film and water to make work that “documents experience.” Spaccarelli says of his work, “The process of working is like walking. Sometimes I have a direction, a place that I am headed. Other times I am walking simply to walk, to find out where I am going.  The how and why of that experience is documented in the work itself. Questions and sometimes answers find form with paint, wood, steel, words, glass, water or film.”

The public is invited to come to see the artwork on Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. and meet the artists at a reception, which takes place concurrently, from 3 to 7 p.m.
Photos courtesy of the artists

2 thoughts on “One-Day-Only Exhibit in Nelsonville

  1. The One-Day-Only exhibit in Nelsonville was a great event: intriguing art in a warm and welcoming setting on a lovely day. Thanks to the artists and organizers.

  2. So great to see some of our local talent doing something interesting by self organizing. Congratulations to Susan English and Jaanika Peerna for a beautiful installation in an ideal setting and to the other artists in the show. We need more of this in Philipstown!