Garrison 5th Graders Inspire Others; Raise Money and Hope for Japan

Fifth grade students at the fundraiser

On Friday, April 8, 5th graders from Patty Klubnick’s social studies class at the Garrison School sold cupcakes to the faculty, staff and fellow students raising over $450 to support the American Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts for those effected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The effort began when Ms. Klubnick taught her 5th graders about the natural disasters in Japan as part of the current events curriculum.  When the students heard about the devastation in the region, they asked if they could hold a bake sale to raise money for the people who lost their homes.
       Ms. Klubnick helped her students research the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan and to learn about Japanese culture.  The 5th graders prepared reports, which were shared with the entire school. The students also invited the entire school to their cupcake sale.  The 5th graders ran the bake sale themselves and sold hundreds of cupcakes. “The children not only learned a lot about the people of Japan and the challenges they are facing but they also took the initiative to make a difference,” said Ms. Klubnick.  “This entire experience sums up why I went into teaching.”
       One Garrison 3rd grader, William Stark, was inspired by the moving reports given about the disasters in Japan.  William collected a large box of spare change from his family and neighbors and delivered it to the 5th graders on Friday during the cupcake sale to donate to the earthquake and tsunami victims. “When I heard about the donation at school for Japan, I thought we should donate money to help Japan through the hard time they are going through right now,” Will said.  “I asked my neighbors for loose change and they wanted to help.”
       “I am so proud of William and all of our students,” said Garrison Principal, Stephanie Impellittiere.  “Seeing our 5th graders devoting their time and energy to this worthy cause shows so much compassion for others.”
Photo courtesy of GUFS

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