GUFS students pose in front of their artwork

Garrison School art teacher, Coulter Young and his students have been very busy this spring.  Recently many Garrison students have showcased their art at two local art exhibits.  The first was an Artist Reception on April 9 at The Beacon Bagel at 466 Main Street, Beacon.  The show was called, “If I Were a Bagel, What Kind Would I Be?” and featured art by several Garrison 5th graders as well as a range of students from 1st to 8th grade.  The bagel-themed art was on display during the reception and some works were sold to raise money for a Japan relief fund. “Our students did a great job creating art for the Bagel Artist Reception,” said Garrison Principal, Stephanie Impellittiere.  “Their works of art were creative and fun and many were sold to support a wonderful cause.”      
       The second show was an 8th grade School Invitational Theme Exhibition (SITE) at the Garrison Art Center, titled “Graffiti a la Picasso,” held this past Sunday, April 10.  For this show, students from Garrison and many other local schools were asked to consider: “If Picasso had been a graffiti artist, what would his graffiti art look like?” Mr. Young showed his students pictures of Picasso’s work and also the work of famous graffiti artists. He then challenged the students to create art by combining the two styles together and still have it be recognizable as Picasso’s work. The end result was a wall installation at the Garrison Art Center that reads “Picasso.”
       “I am amazed that the students were able to complete this artwork in just three weeks combined with getting ready for the 8th-grade play and everything else they have going on,” said Mr. Young.  “It truly was an exceptional installation and I am very proud of them.”
Photo courtesy of GUFS

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