The New York Blood Center (NYBC) will hold a spring blood drive on Friday May 6 at the Garrison Fire House on Rte 9. The NYBC is especially in need of donations from O-negative and B-negative donors. Did you know that one in seven people entering a hospital need blood? People with Rh-negative blood, including A-, B-, and O-, comprise just 15 percent of the population, yet their blood can be safely transfused to the remaining 85 percent. Volunteers will be calling Philipstown residents during the week to help schedule convenient times to come to the Garrison Fire House.
       Please remember to eat iron rich foods a few days before the drive and be well hydrated prior to donation.  You will also need your identification with photo or signature. We always welcome new donors and encourage you to bring a friend. You must be at least 16* years of age to donate (*with parental permission form available at drive or at NYBC) and donors age 76+ should bring a physician’s note. Please call NYBCs Medical Eligibility # 800-688-0900 with any medical issue, medication, or travel related questions.
       The NYBC Donor Advantage Program is still active. If you are a frequent donor anywhere in the New York Metro Area please visit their website at to check on your points balance and see if you are eligible for some great rewards.

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