Haldane High School Academic Awards Night

Principal Brian Alm and HS gudiance counselor Kristen Sautner give out first awards

The Haldane auditorium was brimming with students, teachers and parents on Thursday, June 9, for Academic Awards Night 2011. Emceed by high school principal Brian Alm, the program proceeded at a brisk pace with only a short musical intermission. Awards, given out by department faculty, included: english, math, modern languages, physical education, science, vocational, national honor society, student council leadership and year book. Awards and scholarships were also sponsored by the Marine Corps, the Army Reserve, Air Force, New York State Comptroller, Prudential, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Knights of Columbus, Madison Square Garden, University of Rochester, the president of the United States and the Haldane Academic Hall of Fame. The complete list of awardees can be found HERE.

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